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Dumb Criminal


I love dumb criminals, especially if they’re drunk. I know I promised to do some text stuff, but videos are so much more fun! Video is after the break. Advertisements

I realize this blog is quickly becoming a repository of YouTube clips, so I promise I’ll do an update with, well, words soon.

A lot of (non-techy) people I’ve shown this to don’t seem to understand. That is the whole computer. It’s not a monitor. Well, it is, but the computer is inside it. That’s a cd slot on the right. Get it?

Okay, so the title’s a little corny. This afternoon my nephew Tony, being the smart young man he is, decided to try on my girlfriends dog’s shock collar. I whipped out my cellphone and captured the moment for you all to see:

New iPhone Ads


Check it out, here’s all three of the new iPhone ads in one YouTube clip: Apparently the seafood place in the second one has been receiving a lot of unwanted calls from iPhone lovers fanboys lately. Seriously though, this thing is cool, even if it does cost a billion dollars, and won’t be available in […]