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So, everyones favourite company introduced all new iPods today. I want all of them. There’s a new Nano, which is short and squat but super light and thin. It does video now which is always a plus, and it has CoverFlow. Also revamped is the (re-dubbed) iPod Classic, which is the same shape but thinner, […]

A lot of (non-techy) people I’ve shown this to don’t seem to understand. That is the whole computer. It’s not a monitor. Well, it is, but the computer is inside it. That’s a cd slot on the right. Get it?

Alright, so multi-touch displays have been done before. Tables with screens have been done before. But look what happens when Microsoft throws money at the concepts. This is really cool. I want my drinks to put on shows for me! Cool, right? Now be sure to watch the end of this one. How awesome would […]