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So, everyones favourite company introduced all new iPods today. I want all of them. There’s a new Nano, which is short and squat but super light and thin. It does video now which is always a plus, and it has CoverFlow. Also revamped is the (re-dubbed) iPod Classic, which is the same shape but thinner, […]

A lot of (non-techy) people I’ve shown this to don’t seem to understand. That is the whole computer. It’s not a monitor. Well, it is, but the computer is inside it. That’s a cd slot on the right. Get it?

This is the logo for the London 2012 Olympics. Yes, I’m serious. It’s like… flashback to the eighties. It burns my eyes. Seriously, what is this! I can see it on the t-shirt of some girl wearing neon leg warmers… Can you imagine seeing this in the bottom right of your TV in 2012? And […]

New iPhone Ads


Check it out, here’s all three of the new iPhone ads in one YouTube clip: Apparently the seafood place in the second one has been receiving a lot of unwanted calls from iPhone lovers fanboys lately. Seriously though, this thing is cool, even if it does cost a billion dollars, and won’t be available in […]