London 2012, iPhone ad update


London 2012

This is the logo for the London 2012 Olympics. Yes, I’m serious.

It’s like… flashback to the eighties. It burns my eyes. Seriously, what is this! I can see it on the t-shirt of some girl wearing neon leg warmers…

Can you imagine seeing this in the bottom right of your TV in 2012? And plastered all over the walls at the Olympics? Ugh.

Also, there’s a new iPhone ad out, showing off the internet browser. Here’s some linkage.


2 Responses to “London 2012, iPhone ad update”

  1. 1 heather

    holy crap. *I* could make something better than that shit.

  2. 2 heather

    hey so first.. i saw a thing on Jimmy Kimmel live where he mocked this logo (this was uhmm.. like 2 days ago – could have been a rerun so who knows)
    and second.. you’re *already* slacking with the new blog buddy! tsk tsk.

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