Microsoft Surface


Alright, so multi-touch displays have been done before. Tables with screens have been done before. But look what happens when Microsoft throws money at the concepts. This is really cool. I want my drinks to put on shows for me!

Cool, right? Now be sure to watch the end of this one. How awesome would it be to pay for stuff at a restaurant like this?

We all know I’m an Apple fan, and yes, the iPhone already has some of these multi touch features in it, but there’s no denying the coolness factor of these tables. If Microsoft can market the hell out of these the way Apple has done with the iPod, they most definitely have a winner here.


2 Responses to “Microsoft Surface”

  1. 1 heather

    dude.. is this for REAL?

  2. 2 andrewprocter

    dude, yes.

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