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So I was sitting in the parking lot of my parents’ work with my trusty Macbook Pro, and this WiFi network popped up. Check it out:

Funny WiFi name


So, everyones favourite company introduced all new iPods today. I want all of them. There’s a new Nano, which is short and squat but super light and thin. It does video now which is always a plus, and it has CoverFlow. Also revamped is the (re-dubbed) iPod Classic, which is the same shape but thinner, and also has CoverFlow.

But the big story is the all-new iPod Touch. It’s basically an iPhone without the phone, which is awesome. It has wifi built in, so you can browse the net and download songs right from the iPod. I cut the boring crap out of their demo video and uploaded it to YouTube (watch it!). See, I want you to want it as badly as I do.

I can’t decide which one to buy!

Edit: Holy crap, that youtube clip has gotten over 2000 3500 views!

Dumb Criminal


I love dumb criminals, especially if they’re drunk. I know I promised to do some text stuff, but videos are so much more fun! Video is after the break.

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I realize this blog is quickly becoming a repository of YouTube clips, so I promise I’ll do an update with, well, words soon.